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Although merry & bright, Christmas can also be one of the most wasteful times of year, from leftover food waste, unwanted presents, air travel and endless packaging.

Sometimes the festivities can get the better of us and we lose sight of our great climate action work achieved throughout the year.

Take a moment to take stock of what is really needed to enjoy the festive season, and you might find the things you cherish most are the people you are with and not the stuff you buy.

Here is our quick guide to get you thinking about how you can have a wonderful & eco-friendly festive season this year:

Secret Sustainable Santa

  • Try a family, work or household secret Santa. Instead of just guessing what people want (and admittedly getting it a wee bit wrong sometimes), set up an online Wishlist. So far, we have tested out Elfster, although there are loads of online secret Santa websites out there. This eliminates the guess work and the random last-minute presents for those extended family you don’t really know too well.

Check Company’s Credentials

  • Before you pop to the shops to pick up a new Christmas party out check out the app Good on You. This is a brilliant resource that factors in both the company’s ethical and sustainable track record.  Or better yet, say no to fast fashion and shop second hand this Christmas, check out our handy guide here.

Sick of Cured Meats & Cheese?

  • Try a more plant-based approach (even if for the big day you go all out). You could plan a catch up with friends and introduce them to festive-plant based nibbles – they’ll might even thank you for the break from cured meats and cheeses.

Stop Sending Christmas Cards

  • Do you ever wonder where all the glitter from Christmas cards goes? We now know that glitter contributes to microplastics and ends up in our water and oceans. Opt for something alternative this year and try seed packet Christmas cards. That way, your recipients can plant British Wildflowers instead and keep commercial supermarket cards out of the bins this January!
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  • Bel Burn November 28, 2021

    I’ve just come across AirBnB gift cards which could make an ‘experience’ Christmas present. What do you think? They never expire and can be used towards a holiday/ weekend break. On the positive side it’s a good present that doesn’t mean buying something of dubious quality on the other AirBnB in some cities is a problem and could encourage unnecessary travel!

    • Sandy Winterbottom December 3, 2021

      Great idea and perhaps accompanied by some local suggestions for places to stay!

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